About Me - English

Created and performed by Adrian Diaz Lopez (actor and musician), a Clown Dj, non stop enjoyer of life, fell in love for Cumbia music and also for latin dancing music of all times!

In Chile, he has taken part of many events since 2007, also he has being part of the best bands of the Latino style such as Juana Fe, Banda Conmoción, Villa Cariño, Combo Ginebra, Santa Feria and many and important chilean venues like el Bar El Clan, Chucre Manzur Warehouse, Victor Jara Warehouse, Arte Matta, La Fonda Permanente "La Popular". 

In Europe, he has performed in France (Marseille, Paris, Avignon, Brest) and Belgium (Bruxelles, Liege, Namur, Kortrijk)
His famous originality and popularity lays on his talent of rescuing the traditional festive Latin American music and on adding to the dj role and a performing and amusing nature together with a face to face relation with the audience.

He has always perfomed his shows under the name of Diyei (dj) Pituto, a charming red clown-nosed character that dances while spining.